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Enterprise Solutions is part of East Riding College, the purpose of which is to give students real experience within the multiple disciplines involved in running a business. All work undertaken by Enterprise Solutions will be performed by students within the college under the supervision of several of our academic staff (for more on our supervising staff click here).

The students will be directly involved in all aspects of the business from marketing and sales to graphic design and web development as well as voice acting and the development musical scores. This gives the students from a number of curriculum areas within the college the opportunity to gain real working experience in their chosen fields.

Community Service

We also hope to provide a service to the our local community, we do ask a fee for the services we provide and this is deliberately low, these are the reasons why:


If you are a local registered charity we want to support you. Although our service costs are already very low, where possible we intend to offer these services for free to you(free may not always be possible but we will try). As you rely on the goodwill of others to survive and we would like to support your good work.


The students primarily involved in this endeavour are: